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Until 2025, all roads of the republic to be provided with roadside service — Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure Development

Tuesday, 06 April 2021, 12:21:37

At the government session chaired by Prime Minister Askar Mamin, issues of road transport infrastructure development were considered. Minister of Industry and Infrastructure Development Beibut Atamkulov, akims of Kyzylorda region Gulshara Abdykalikova, Karaganda region — Zhenis Kassymbek, Mangystau region — Serikbay Trumov, and Pavlodar region — Abylkair Skakov presented their reports.

In order to create a competitive transport infrastructure, in accordance with the instructions of the Elbasy and the Head of State, the republic continues to implement new infrastructure projects aimed at increasing the level of service and the speed of transit routes.

According to the minister, this year the implementation of tasks in the field of development of road and transport infrastructure, determined by the Nur Otan party until 2025, begins.

Today, the length of public roads in the Republic of Kazakhstan is 96 thousand km, of which the republican network is 25 thousand km, the local network is 71 thousand km.

In the period from 2021-2025, in the road industry it is planned to build and reconstruct 12 thousand km of roads of the republican network. 200 thousand people will be employed annually.

Until 2020, 13 thousand km of roads of the republican network have been reconstructed.

In this year road construction works covered 4.7 thousand km of the republican network.

Construction and reconstruction of 3.6 thousand km is underway.

By the end of the year, it is planned to commission 2.2 thousand km, open traffic for 1.2 thousand km.

Overhaul and medium repairs covered 1.1 thousand km of roads.

To date, 15 road projects are being implemented.

“By the end of the year, we plan to complete the reconstruction of the Taldykorgan - Ust-Kamenogorsk section with a length of 768 km. This is an international transit corridor connecting the Central Asian countries with Eastern Siberia of the Russian Federation, as well as the southern regions of Kazakhstan with the eastern. This road is also of great importance for the development of the tourist cluster of Lake Alakol,” Atamkulov said.

The construction of four-lane expressways will continue, linking Nur-Sultan with the regions along the ray principle.

The sections were completed in the direction of Kokshetau, Pavlodar and to Karaganda. Currently, construction work is underway in the section from Karaganda to Kapshagai.

By the end of the year, it is planned to commission the section to Balkhash and next year to Kapshagai. This will complete the reconstruction of the Center-South corridor.

The head of the Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure Development especially noted the Aktobe - Atyrau - Astrakhan route.

“Before the start of the reconstruction, due to the unsatisfactory condition of the road, transport communication between the cities of Aktobe, Atyrau and Aktau was forced through the city of Uralsk with an overrun of 500 km. Currently, construction work is underway along the entire length of the road. This year we will complete the Kandagash - Makat section and ensure the opening of traffic along the entire length of the corridor with subsequent commissioning next year,” he said.

At present, the traffic flow from the Turkistan and Zhambyl regions from the neighboring republics in the direction of the center is forced to go through the city of Almaty with an overrun of 250 km. The Merke - Burylbaital road has a high social significance and influences transit from the countries of Central Asia. This year it is planned to complete the main work and open the passage.

In October this year. the construction of a transport interchange at the railway crossing at Shamalgan station will be completed, which will increase safety at the intersection with the railway.

Also in stages in 2021-2022, the reconstruction of other transit and socially significant highways, Usharal - Dostyk, Kalbatau - Maykapshagai, Kostanay - Denisovka, Petropavlovsk - Russian border to Kurgan.

Currently, preparatory work is underway for the construction season.

To complete tasks for the current year. requires 18 million tons of crushed stone, 120 thousand cubic meters. m. of reinforced concrete products, 1,300 million tons of bitumen. At the moment, the needs of crushed stone and reinforced concrete products, as well as 325 thousand tons of bitumen, have been fully prepared.

Every year, during the construction season, there is a shortage of bitumen and an increase in prices, which is sensitively reflected in the course of work.

Currently, together with the Ministry of Energy, the issue of timely delivery of bitumen and prevention of price increases is being worked out. In general, 20 thousand road construction equipment and vehicles, 81 asphalt concrete plants, 79 crushing and screening plants will be used during the construction season.

About 200 thousand people will be involved in road construction work, taking into account related industries.

In the southern regions, construction work has already begun; as the positive temperature is established, work will begin at all facilities.

To cover the reconstruction of the entire republican network until 2025, the implementation of new projects with a total length of 4.3 thousand km will be systematically started.

Also in the period 2021-2025. 10 thousand km will be repaired.

As Beibut Atamkulov said, by the end of this year it is planned to start implementation of 4 new road projects with a total length of 607 km. These are:

  • reconstruction of the Kyzylorda - Zhezkazgan highway;
  • construction of the Eastern bypass of the city of Turkistan;
  • construction of the South-West bypass of Shymkent;
  • construction of a bypass of the town of Saryagash.

According to the instructions of the Head of State, by 2025 all roads will be provided with roadside services that comply with the National Standard. Requirements for roadside service facilities have been approved. The national company Kazavtozhol is engaged in their development.

Every year in the regions, together with local executive bodies and NCE Atameken, new modern facilities are built, providing a full range of services. The existing facilities are being brought into compliance with the requirements of international standards.

Today, 1,854 service facilities operate along the republican network, of which 1,070 meet the requirements of the standards.

By the end of the year, 125 units will be built. objects, incl. at the expense of anchor investors 38 filling stations with sanitary facilities and food points, 87 units of sanitary and hygienic units at the expense of private investments and within the framework of reconstruction.

The share of facilities that meet regulatory requirements this year will be increased to 66% (1,322).

To cover the entire network by 2025, more than 400 modern facilities will be additionally built and all existing roadside service facilities will be brought in line with the standards.

According to Atamkulov, Aktobe, Almaty and Karaganda regions show positive results in the construction of new highway complexes.

“For the normative maintenance of the reconstructed roads, a fee is being introduced, which will fully cover the maintenance costs and reduce the burden on the republican budget. Paid sites meet modern safety requirements and comfortable conditions for users. In March, a toll collection system for 5.8 thousand km was put into commercial operation,” the Minister said.

Planned fees by the end of the year will amount to 25.6 billion tenge.

On the remaining 5.2 thousand km, the introduction of pay is planned until the end of 2024 as the reconstruction work is completed.

The development of the local road network is of great importance. The length of local roads is 71 thousand km.

So, due to the work performed in the past years, 75% of the local network has been brought to a standard state.

Today, there is an uneven situation in the state of regional and district roads in the context of regions.

Atamkulov noted the work of Mangystau, Zhambyl, Pavlodar, East Kazakhstan, Almaty, Karaganda and Turkistan regions to improve the condition of the road network and comply with the principle of parity financing.

This year 119 billion tenge is provided for the development of the local network.

At the expense of the allocated funds, about 1.3 thousand km of roads will be covered by all types of road repair work.

By 2025, it is planned to cover 27 thousand km with all types of work and bring 95% of the length of the roads to the standard state.

Here, together with local executive bodies, effective measures will be taken to improve the condition of the local road network.

Particular attention is paid to the quality of road repair work and diagnostics of the condition of highways.

“The results of the work showed certain positive effects, in particular, contractors and technical supervision experts began to pay maximum attention to the quality of materials and adherence to technology. In this year the quality examination will fully cover road construction works on the republican and local network. An instrumental survey of 18 thousand km of the republican network will be carried out, based on the results of which a set of repair measures will be developed,” the minister said.

Within the framework of digitalization, a road asset management system was developed with the implementation in the current year on the republican network and until 2025 — on the local network.

In addition, by the end of the year, 42 industry normative and technical documents will be revised in accordance with the requirements of international standards.

Atamkulov noted that the timely and high-quality implementation of the instructions of the Elbasy, the Head of State and the tasks outlined in the Nur Otan Party's electoral platform will, as a result, by 2025:

  • bring 100% of republican roads and 95% of local roads to the normative state;
  • increase the length of toll roads to 11.7 thousand km;
  • provide the roads of the republican network with road service facilities that meet the National Standard;
  • annually create 310 thousand jobs.

According to Akim of the Kyzylorda region Gulshara Abdykalikova, the length of highways in the region is 3,398 km. Of these, 1,016 km are republican, 2,382 km are local roads.

In 2020, 19,726 million tenge were allocated for the development of a network of local roads, and 492 km of roads, streets and bridges were repaired.

Including, within the framework of the Nurly Zhol program, 5,246 million tenge were allocated. With these funds, 136 km of regional and district roads were repaired.

In 2020, the planned indicator for the indicator "The share of roads in good and satisfactory condition" at the level of 70% was achieved.

In total, 14,803 million tenge were allocated from the republican and regional budgets in 2021. It is planned to carry out repairs of highways and bridges and streets with a length of 260 km.

In general, in the current year investments in the amount of 5,786 million tenge were attracted from the republican budget under four state programs.

In addition, an additional budget application was submitted to the MIID of the Republic of Kazakhstan for a total amount of 8.2 billion tenge (29 projects), of which 14 projects were preliminary supported.

Currently, work is underway on the following objects:

  • construction of an interchange to the junction of the left-bank part of Kyzylorda with the highway of republican significance Western Europe - Western China;
  • reconstruction of the highway of regional significance Aiteke bi - Kazalinsk of Kazalin district with a length of 7 km;
  • overhaul of 3 emergency bridges along the Kyzylorda - Zhalagash highway.

In total, 56 projects for a total amount of 14,803 million tenge will be implemented in the region this year.

“The regional akimat fulfilled its obligations within the allocated funds on the basis of 50/50 parity in 2018-2020. Allocated 9.3 billion tenge. As a result, the planned increase in the share of regional and district roads in good and satisfactory condition to the planned indicator of 75% in 2021 will be ensured,” said Abdykalikova.

Within the framework of the Nur Otan Party Roadmap for 2021-2025. a schedule has been developed and the corresponding work is being carried out to bring the indicator indicators of local roads by 2025 to 95%.

Regarding the reconstruction of the highway of republican significance Kyzylorda - Zhezkazgan, with a length of 412 km, as of today, a positive conclusion of the state examination for design and estimate documentation has been received.

According to the akim of the Karaganda region Zhenis Kassymbek, incl. in the region it is planned to cover 1,330 km of public roads with repairs.

“The main project for the region is the Center-South transport corridor, implemented by the Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure Development. Following the results of last year, traffic was commissioned and opened on the Temirtau - Karaganda and Northern and Eastern bypass sections of Karaganda. This made it possible to significantly unload the regional center from transit freight transport,” Kassymbek said.

This year, work will continue at the Karaganda - Balkhash, Balkhash - Burylbaital sections. By the end of the year, traffic on four lanes will be open, and separate sections will be put into operation.

The following road projects are important for the development of the region: - Kyzylorda - Zhezgazgan;

- Zhezkazgan - Karaganda;

- Karaganda - Karkaralinsk;

- Zhezgazgan-Arkalyk.

To date, the development of design documentation for the reconstruction of 208 km of the Zhezkazgan - Border of the Kyzylorda region highway has been completed.

As the akim of the Karaganda region noted, there is a high need for communication between the cities of Zhezkazgan and Karaganda, including for the development of the tourist cluster.

As for the roads of local importance, within the framework of the state programs Nurly Zhol, Aul - El Besigi and financing from the local budget, this year, repair work will cover about 700 km of local roads with a budget of 20 billion tenge.

At the expense of the allocated funds, repair work will cover about 80 rural settlements, as well as roads in all cities and districts of the region.

59 asphalt-concrete plants of the region, about 3 thousand units of special equipment and 5 thousand people will be involved.

“There are 164 road service facilities on the republican road network of the region, of which 89 facilities or 54% have been brought up to standard. The next 75 facilities will be modernized in the coming years,” he added.

There is a regional plan to bring service facilities in line with the requirements of the National Standard, within the framework of which entrepreneurs are supported, relevant memorandums have been signed with the Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

In the Mangystau region, the total length of highways in the region is 2,957 km, including republican significance — 1,013 km, local — 1,944 km.

As akim of the region Serikbay Trumov noted, 94% of local roads are in satisfactory condition.

Last year, 2 republican highways with a total length of 158 km were put into operation in the region, the Beineu - Akzhigit - Uzbekistan border (85 km) and Zhetybai - Zhanaozen (73 km) highways were reconstructed.

Along with this, 154 km of local roads have been paved. For these purposes, 11.6 billion tenge was allocated from the budget. In addition, the reconstruction and medium repair of 8 sections with a length of 149 km has been fully completed.

Within the framework of the state program Aul - El Besigі, 46.1 km of roads will be built in the villages of Beineu, Akshukur, Kyzyltobe, Bayandy, Baskuduk. Medium repairs are planned for 47.4 km.

This year, work continues on 17 road projects of regional and district significance, covering 245 km.

“Work has begun on two new projects. This is the reconstruction of the Aktau-Fort-Shevchenko highway and a section from the Honda center to the village of Umirzak with a length of 28.4 km,” the akim of Mangystau region said.

Currently, work is underway to build the foundation of the roadbed and transfer engineering networks. The construction site employs about 165 people and 130 pieces of equipment.

All work will be carried out in accordance with the approved construction schedule and will be completed by July.

Work has also begun on the overhaul of the Zhetybay - Kuryk highway (64 km). The cost of the project is 9.3 billion tenge. For 2021, 1 billion tenge was allocated, repair work is already underway on 8 km. The project is scheduled to be completed in 2022.

After the instruction of Elbasy in August 2018 regarding the fact that Aktau should become a modern seaside resort, much attention is paid to the development of tourism. Active work is underway to develop the engineering and transport infrastructure of the region.

In this regard, the project is underway to reconstruct the highway from the MAEK water intake canal to the Kuryk ferry complex. The reconstruction process is divided into 5 stages, 4 of which have already been completed to date.

Work on the remaining phase is scheduled for next year.

As part of the development of the region's tourist infrastructure, it is planned to reconstruct the Tauchik - Shetpe and Aktau - Fort-Shevchenko highways.

In accordance with the plan for the integrated development of the city of Zhanaozen, together with the Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan, by 2025 the reconstruction of the highway Zhanaozen - Kenderli - border of Turkmenistan" with a length of 164 km will be carried out.

“There are 37 roadside service centers throughout the region on highways of international and national importance. 16 of them comply with the national standard. Together with the KazAvtoZhol company, we will continue to work on bringing the roadside service facilities in line with the standards. In this direction, we are strengthening our work to attract private investors. For example, this year Compass LLP made a proposal to create a road service of category A in two places,’’ he added.

There are 5,372.1 km of highways in Pavlodar region, of which there are highways:

- of republican significance — 1,662.8 km;

- regional significance — 1,010.0 km;

- of regional significance — 2,699.3 km.

As the akim of the region Abylkair Skakov noted, the share of local roads in good and satisfactory condition is 86%.

“In 2021, it is planned to implement 22 projects for the overhaul and medium repair of local highways with a length of 120 km for the amount of 6.9 billion tenge. This year the figure will be reached — 87%. At the same time, incl. 60 km of roads will be converted from crushed stone to asphalt,” Skakov said.

According to the akim of Pavlodar region, in 2022-2025. It is planned to carry out medium repairs of 1,070 km of roads, according to the results of which it is planned to achieve the indicator "The share of local roads in good and satisfactory condition" — 95%.

The region has the necessary infrastructure to start repair work — 18 asphalt concrete plants, 8 crushed stone quarries, 1 bitumen production plant, 1 sand production and 5 quality examination laboratories.

In addition, measures are being taken in the region to develop roadside service. Last year 6 facilities were commissioned, including 5 more objects are expected to be commissioned.

As Deputy Prime Minister Roman Sklyar noted, the development of the road network is one of the main tasks of ensuring the accessibility of the country's transport infrastructure for business and the population.

According to him, this issue is under the constant control of the Government.

“In preparation for the upcoming construction season, a close relationship was established between the interested state and local executive bodies and other participants in the process. The proposals of the Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure Development on the development and maintenance of the network of highways of republican and local significance, control of the quality of construction and reconstruction will be taken into account in the development of the national project Development of Territories,’’ Sklyar said.

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