Alikhan Smailov instructs to continue work on demonopolization of economy

Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Alikhan Smailov held a regular meeting of the Commission for Demonopolization of the Economy.

Previously, the responsible state bodies were instructed to analyze the validity of the privatization of industry facilities and organizations, including in terms of creating private operators.

Based on the results of the work carried out, it was proposed to transfer a number of communication, infrastructure and manufacturing companies to state ownership.

To date, shares and shares of participation of a number of enterprises and institutions have been accepted into republican ownership. In particular, more than 400 access railway lines with a length of 250 km have been accepted as part of the property of the Transport Service Center JSC.

Work is underway to take into state ownership another 25 companies that own 138 access railway lines with a length of 178 km.

Taking these companies into state ownership will eliminate intermediaries in the field of railway infrastructure and reduce business costs for these services.

At the meeting of the commission, the issue of excluding from the Comprehensive Privatization Plan 205 objects that ensure the vital activity of the population (heat, electricity, water supply and other utilities) was discussed.

In addition, the Commission considered measures to demonopolize the fuel and lubricants market, the gas industry and regional power grid companies.

The Prime Minister instructed to work out all the necessary legal and organizational issues for the implementation of the planned activities in these areas.

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