Fulfillment of President's instructions: Positive dynamics of main macroeconomic indicators observed in Pavlodar region

The Head of State K. Tokayev in his Address listed a number of additional initiatives aimed primarily at improving the well-being of the people of Kazakhstan. The article describes the way the social sphere issues are solved in one of the large industrial centers of the country, Pavlodar region, what measures are provided to support small and medium-sized businesses, what are the main results of the socio-economic development of the region for the 7 months of the year in general.

Fulfillment President's instructions: Yuri Ilyin reports to public of Aktobe

Fulfillment of President's instructions: How country's energy security ensured

Today in the Central Communications Service under the President of Kazakhstan, Minister of Energy Bolat Akchulakov spoke about the development of the energy industry of Kazakhstan as part of the instructions of the Head of State, given previously at the expanded session of the Government. Also, the Minister presented the results of the half-year program to increase incomes of the population. 

Fulfillment of President’s instructions: Ministers of Trade and Agriculture reported on ensuring food security

Execution of President's instructions: Kazakhstan approves Roadmap for development of special economic zones

Two core storage facilities to be built in Kazakhstan — Brekeshev

Region has solid economic foundation, implemented in accordance with president’s instructions — Akhmetov

New approach to planning, gas supply, LRT, improvement of the capital — what Altay Kulginov spoke about at a briefing at Central Communications Service

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